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Shank Hooks

Columbus McKinnon’s Stahlhammer Bommern GmbH (STB) business is the number one manufacturer of heavy-load single and ramshorn hooks in Europe. Now available in North America, our offering includes a comprehensive line of shank hooks in both single- and double-hook configurations. This offering includes standard forged hooks, crossheads, nuts and complete hook suspensions. Designed to stringent, globally recognized DIN standards, our high-quality un-machined and machined products range in capacity from 1 to 1,250 metric tons. We also offer a variety of specialty hooks and parts for unique lifting and industrial applications.

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CM Shank Hook Product Offering

CM Single Hooks
Made of high-quality steel, our single hooks are used in a variety of lifting applications. Single hooks are available as un-machined and machined with multiple suspension types. We also offer extended shafts and custom hooks machined to your exact specifications.
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CM Ramshorn Hooks
Frequently used with heavy-duty cranes in marine and industrial applications, ramshorn, or double/sister hooks, are ideal for applications that require equal load distribution when using multiple slings. The double hook design prevents damage to the sling and choking at the lifting point. Our double hooks are available up to size no. 400 with capacities up to 1,250 metric tons, in two different configurations:
CM Eye Hooks
In addition to our single- and double-hook offering, we also manufacture drop forged and open-die forged eye hooks up to size no. 44 with capacities up to 500 tons. Meeting DIN 7540 standards, our eye hooks are ideal for use in applications that require a high degree of motion in the hook connection.
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CM Specialty Hooks
For unique applications, Columbus McKinnon offers a variety of specialty hooks, including cargo hooks and cross hooks.
CM Specialty Parts
In addition to hooks, we have the capability to forge a variety of specialty parts for unique applications. Some of these products include:
  • Crank shafts for heavy machinery
  • Pull rods for vehicle manufacture and trains
  • Un-machined parts for drives and heavy machinery
  • Chain linking elements
  • Coupling elements
  • Running wheels for cranes and the mining industry
  • Special flanges and bearing housings
  • Lifting brackets for wind turbines